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Baseball Time!!

Posted on: February 3, 2009 4:57 pm
Edited on: February 3, 2009 5:04 pm

How does Manny turn down 25 million dollars??? I would be happy with 25,000, but then again, I am not Manny.

Can the Padres compete this year? I always think they will win, 162 games a year, and last year I was pissed 99 times. Trading Khalil Greene to the Cards will come back and haunt this team for years, just like Roberto Alomar and John Kruk. The same goes for Jake Peavy, if the Friars deal him to the Cubs, facing him in the Playoffs is a fate every team will meet.

As a Padre fan my whole life, its frustrating to see the Pads being run so poorly, especially after the Lucchino era. Larry was the MAN, since he left, we are right back to C. Arnholt Smith quality management. At least C.A. liked the Brown and Gold, THE SAND UNIS SUCK. I want a tasteful combo of Brown White and Gold, like the 75-76 classics that Randy Jones wore.

 As to Brian Giles, all i have to say is if you are gonna date Strippers, while lots of fun, they usually gots problems. Dont hit em though, thats bad juju. A happy Stripper is always better ;) Giles better hit 320 this year at his salary.

See you at the ballgame!!


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