Posted on: February 3, 2009 4:57 pm
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Baseball Time!!

How does Manny turn down 25 million dollars??? I would be happy with 25,000, but then again, I am not Manny.

Can the Padres compete this year? I always think they will win, 162 games a year, and last year I was pissed 99 times. Trading Khalil Greene to the Cards will come back and haunt this team for years, just like Roberto Alomar and John Kruk. The same goes for Jake Peavy, if the Friars deal him to the Cubs, facing him in the Playoffs is a fate every team will meet.

As a Padre fan my whole life, its frustrating to see the Pads being run so poorly, especially after the Lucchino era. Larry was the MAN, since he left, we are right back to C. Arnholt Smith quality management. At least C.A. liked the Brown and Gold, THE SAND UNIS SUCK. I want a tasteful combo of Brown White and Gold, like the 75-76 classics that Randy Jones wore.

 As to Brian Giles, all i have to say is if you are gonna date Strippers, while lots of fun, they usually gots problems. Dont hit em though, thats bad juju. A happy Stripper is always better ;) Giles better hit 320 this year at his salary.

See you at the ballgame!!


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Posted on: February 2, 2009 5:02 pm

steel curtain blues

pittsburgh. they are like a boil on my butt i just cant lance. the only way to get rid of the Steelers was for the Chargers to beat them, and we blew it. watching steeler fans celebrate sb win number 6 is like going to the dentist without novacain. i congratulate the steelers, but it just makes me want to power vomit. once again all we can say around here is next year- and im 45 and running out of next years....

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 4:29 pm

desert vs mine shaft- super bowl ravings...

Cardinals vs Steelers- this could only happen on my madden- yet here it is. gotta give the steelers credit- they took down my Chargers easily enough. given a choice beyween cheering for the steelers or the cards, i have to go with the zonies. you dont spend you whole life trying to beat pittsburgh and turn around and wave the terrible towel. cant do it. i have a soft spot for the cardinals, only because don coryell used to coach there- and terry metcalf was the best player of his time. the steelers look awesome on d, if the cards can avoid letting pittsburgh control the clock- it should be a pretty good game.

arizona 24 pittsburgh 23- thats my call :)

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Posted on: January 10, 2009 3:24 pm

my nfl all pro team 2008

seeing how every dude with a keyboard has his own all pro list- i figured i would get mine in there for 2008.

qb- phillip rivers sd

rb- DeAngelo Williams car

fb- Lorenzo Neal bal

wr- Steve Smith car

wr- Wes Welker ne

te- Antonio Gates sd

ol- marcus mcneil sd

ol-  Michael Roos  Ten

ol-  Jordan Gross  Car

ol- Chris Snee  nyg

ol- Kris Dielman sd

dl- Jamal Williams sd

dl- albert hainesworth ten

dl-dwight freeney ind

dl- Jared Allen min

lb- shawn phillips sd

lb- James Harrison pit

lb- Ray Lewis bal

lb- Jon Beason car

db- quenton jammer sd

db- Nnamdi Asomugha oak

db- Ed Reed bal

db- Troy Polamalu

k- John Carney nyg

p Mike Scifres sd

probably too many Chargers- but they ARE still playing... 


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Posted on: January 8, 2009 10:30 pm

Hoffmans a Brewer- Adios Trevortime

It's lights out for hells bells, Padre fans have been watching the Terminator since 1993, and it will be like Junior Seau playing for the Patriots- NOT RIGHT. Come Back Larry Lucchino... Hopefully Jeff Morad will not turn out to be Jeff Moron... John Moores cant sell the Padres fast enough.

 At least we still have the Pads- a bad team is better than NO team.

San Diego Clippers R.I.P.


Thanks Trevor- you will always be a Padre to me...

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Posted on: January 7, 2009 7:22 pm

Bring it on Steeltown...

i cant wait for sunday- playoffs are always the best games- and playing the Steelers is always a great game. Phillip Rivers is starting to reach his potential. In watching last weeks game against the Colts after i got back from the stadium, i noticed how unhappy Manning and Dungy looked for most of the game- we gave em fits, and should continue to do the same to the Steelers at the Ironworks this weekend.

Vincent Jackson will be ok- every person who lives in San Diego has been pulled over multiple times- its just life in Cali baby... thats how they make money, by writing everyone up as much as possible. i have personally paved an entire stretch of road with my lifetime fines...



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Posted on: January 5, 2009 3:42 pm
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Pittsburgh Never Learns

You would think that by now- the Chargers would have earned a little respect around the league. BUT... not in Pittsburgh- where I read yet another article telling the world that the Steelers were already in the AFC Championship game, and to disregard the lucky to be here Chargers. I have respect for the Steelers- but obviously, the Bolts need to deal out some more humble pie in Pittsburgh.

Do you remember these games Steeler Fans- probably not...

1982 playoffs- Chargers 31 at Steelers 28     San Diego  defeated hall of famer Terry Bradshaw and all his hall of fame co horts.

1985 Chargers 54 Steelers 44- Dan Fouts lit up the Steel Curtain like a Shower Curtain...

1994 AFC Championship game  Chargers 17 at Steelers 13- Pittsburgh fans were booking flights to Miami 5 days before the game.

2008 division round playoffs-   Chargers 31- Steelers 17- you saw it here first!!!  Better not book that flight just yet Steeler fans....

We're Back..... ps i have a terrible towel, i use it to wax my vehicle...

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Posted on: December 30, 2008 12:31 am

Bronco Busting

who says things dont balance out? Denver fans partied after they beat us on ed's blown call, now we are the ones laughing.

cheaters never prosper- not in the long run. watching the faces of denver fans twist with contempt for us was a moment i will cherish forever. and they all left the q early, like rats on a sinking ship- true colors. you learn alot more about someone after a loss, and 98 percent of denver fans are big babies. boo f@#$%^& hoo...

 how dare we challenge the "great" Denver Broncos- well i am here to say -have a nice vacation, and get some class in the offseason.

san diego Chargers 2004 2006 2007 2008 afc west champs!!

thanks buffalo!!! we cashed in that chip you gave us!!!

see you in the playoffs denver- oh wait, you blew that like a 1000 dollar hooker.  sorry but thats a great line :)

we will be waiting for you come 2009- better start working out now....

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